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Utility Tunnel

Utility Tunnel in GIFT City

GIFT City is being developed as a state-of-the-art financial hub which shall require huge infrastructure with excellent planning, designing and engineering with latest technologies. In respect to vast infrastructure systems, GIFT developed the vision of “DIGGING FREE CITY” by placing all the utilities in a TUNNEL across the city so that there is no need to excavate the roads in future for repair/maintenance /renovation/up gradation of any utility. The provisions are made in the tunnel for smooth access, separation of utilities, proper drainage, lighting, and other long-term concerns, such as maintenance and security.

The Utility Tunnel will accommodate all the utilities including Power Cables, Raw Water supply pipe line to Water Treatment Plant (WTP) as well as treated water supply pipe line from WTP to various developments, chilled water supply from District Cooling Pipe (DCP) to various developments and return pipe line to DCP, ICT cables, Automated Waste Collection pipe line, Fire hydrant water pipe line, etc. From safety point of view the tunnel is divided into WET and DRY sections which are physically separated with each other. Wet section is carrying utilities related to water, ICT and others while dry section carries power cables and have access from top. The wet section has been designed in such a manner that material handling or maintenance vehicles can enter into.

Total length of the Tunnel within GIFT City shall be approx. 16 Km and shall be provided with Ventilation system, Rodent Repellent System and Fire & Smoke Detection System for the purpose of safety. The size of the Tunnel shall vary depending on the no and size of the Utilities and may go up to as large as 8 M wide X 11M deep.